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Schedule your Human Performance for Athletes™ Assessment now to begin performing at your highest level.

The Katherine Roberts' Human Performance for Athletes™ (KRHPA) Assessment:

• Is sport/activity and position specific

• Evaluates the athletes mobility and stability in all three planes of movement – sagittal, frontal and transverse

• Evaluates posture

• Can be coordinated with the athlete’s strength & conditioning coach, mental skills coach/coordinator, physical therapist, athletic trainer, or medical professional


The Human Performance for Athletes Assessment is the first step in developing a customized training program to propel the athlete to perform at their highest level. Committed participants will be efficient, mindful, and healthy.



• Trains from the correct starting point (importance of thorough, expert, biomechanic-based assessments)

• Trains their body to be more flexible, stable and balanced

• Trains for precise coordination through advanced proprioception

• Executes with greater range of motion and intuitive freedom of movement

• Trains to increase energy and endurance


The MINDFUL Athlete

• Trains to improve mental focus

• Plays with one-pointed concentration

• Controls the pace of the game/emotions


The HEALTHY Athlete

• Trains with customized programs developed specifically for their position and individual needs

• Trains with modifications to accommodate past and current injuries

• Reduces the risk of injury by maximizing the body’s ability to perform

8 Session Private Pack

Good for 8 private one-hour sessions of a customized training program based on the client's Human Performance for Athletes Assessment. Must complete assessment before starting program.

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One-hour private Human Performance for Athletes Assessment at client's home, business, or a fitness/wellness facility with the permission of the management. Assessment includes a customized training recommendation.

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Private Training

Good for 1 customized one-hour training session based on the client's Human Performance for Athletes Assessment. Must complete assessment before first private session.

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Complete the Waiver & Registration form online before your first session.

Contact us to find out about the next available workshop or arrange for one at your business, gym, golf course, or event.

KRHPA Workshop

In the Human Performance for Athletes Workshop, we teach:

• Dynamic progressions rooted in Chain Reaction Biomechanics

• Tri-plane movement – sagittal, frontal and transverse

• Sport-specific kinematic sequencing

• How to access gravity and ground reaction forces through proper foot function

• Integrated joint and muscle stabilization

• Diaphragmatic position


This workshop is appropriate for adult athletes at every level of competition. Dress for a workout. Shoes are not worn during the workshop. Bring a bottle of water and a towel. Bring a yoga mat if you have one (we have extras if you need one). Paper notepad or

computer tablet recommended. No previous yoga experience required or expected.

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