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About Philip Hatterman

Philip came to yoga because a studio was running a special, his massage therapist had recommended he try it, and it was an activity he thought he and his wife, Dawn, would enjoy doing together. By the end of the first class, he recognized that yoga offered more challenges and opportunities than he could have ever imagined. By the end of the first month, he knew that he would be renewing his membership. He was sleeping better, his joints made less noise when got out of bed, and his overall wellness improved. Not only does he wish he had been practicing yoga when he took up golf almost 30 years ago, he wishes it had been incorporated in his youth sports growing up.


The clincher that yoga was indispensable became evident when golfing weather returned. There was none of the rust that Philip typically experienced for the first few rounds of the season. He had better flexibility, balance, and mental focus on the course than he had ever had. Also gone were the stiff back and hamstrings that used to creep in during most rounds. Complementing his Yoga For Golfers® with golf lessons has consistently yielded shots that are longer and more accurate.


Philip completed his 200 hour certification with KC Yoga Teacher Training and his Levels I & II YFG certification and Human Performance For Athletes™ (KRHPA) certification with Katherine Roberts. While he is certified in a variety of yoga styles, his favorite to sequence and lead is Yin. He incorporates this slow-paced, deep-stretch approach in the restorative portion of many YFG sessions and uses it to customize classes for students who are experiencing tightness or discomfort, especially in the back, hips, and thighs. Whether it is in a YFG session or a traditional yin practice, he finds it very rewarding to see the transformation that takes place in both individual students and the energy of the room from the beginning of class to the end. Faces soften, movements become smoother and gentler, and breathing becomes more relaxed.


Philip’s professional background includes higher education, corporate training, media, and running his own creativity consulting firm. In addition to golf, his free time is devoted to travel and relaxing with Dawn. Through their non-profit organization Rosie Fund, they are committed to providing humans with the resources and education they need to give senior and harder-to-adopt dogs a better life. Please visit for more information.

Philip is available for private and group sessions of:

  • Yoga For Golfers

  • Human Performance for Athletes Assessment and Training

  • Yin Yoga

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