Yin Yoga For Jiu Jitsu*

Saturdays 10:00-11:45 AM

Join us for Yin Yoga in Gracie Humaita Kansas City MMA Gym at 1323 Atlantic in North Kansas City (one block east of Burlington). The gentleness of yin is a wonderful complement to the rigorous activity of jiu jitsu. This class is not limited to this gym's students or only martial artists. It is appropriate for anyone wanting improved mobility, greater circulation, deep stretching, and relaxation. More information on the benefits of Yin, especially for athletes, can be found here.

Single Class
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Good for one Yin Yoga class at Gracie Humaita Kansas City. Either purchase online or when you attend. Complete the waiver & registration form at your first class.
4 Class Pack


(save over $10) 

Good for 4 admissions to Yin Yoga. Either purchase online or when you attend. Complete the waiver & registration form at your first class.
8 Class Pack


(save $40) 

Good for 8 admissions to Yin Yoga. Either purchase online or when you attend. Complete the waiver & registration form at your first class.

*This class is free for members of Gracie Humaita Kansas City MMA Gym. Must be 16 years of age to attend.


  • What do I wear? Comfortable workout attire is appropriate: jiu jitsu gi, yoga clothes, shorts and a tee. You don't work up a sweat in a Yin class so you might want more coverage to stay warm. Maybe bring a light long-sleeve tee. While you want room to move, you don't want anything too baggy. All that extra fabric can get in the way.

  • Do I need to buy a yoga mat? No. We have loaner mats but if you have your own, please bring it.

  • Do I need to practice "regular" yoga first? No previous yoga experience is necessary.

  • Will Yin help with my [fill in the blank] pain? As with any fitness routine, check with your physician before starting, especially if you have any pain, injuries, or recent surgery. While Yin and other yoga styles can help with issues like back pain, a yoga teacher who is not a medical professional will not diagnose you.

  • Can I do Yin if I'm pregnant? Again, check with your OB/GYN first but yoga can be practiced while pregnant. Just be sure to tell your teacher before class.

  • Will I be able to keep up if I'm not a jiu jitsu athlete? Absolutely! Yin is not a competition. The benefits are available to everyone. There is nothing exclusively jiu jitsu specific about the class other than it targets the mobility issues that are typical for that discipline. But hip mobility, rotational flexibility in the back, and stiff neck and shoulders that plague athletes are part of our modern lifestyle. Yin helps alleviate those issues for everyone.

  • Are private Yin sessions available? Yes, the pricing is the same as private Yoga For Golfers. Sessions can be at your home or business or in the private room at Gracie Humaita Kansas City. If you purchase a package online, do not complete the registration form as it is YFG specific. Wait until your first session to complete the waiver and registration paperwork.

Any other questions? Email YFGinKC@gmail.com.

Ask about corporate events & packages at YFGinKC@gmail.com.
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